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2003 Volvo S60

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2003 Volvo S60

About the 2003 Volvo S60

The Volvo S60, a sporty four-door sedan, was introduced in 2001 as the Volvo S70's replacement. With understated elegance, this car is at once fun, classy, and exceptionally safe. During its debut year, it was heralded as part of Volvo's ReVOLVOlution" – that is, part of an attention-getting move from boxy to curved-line cars. The S60 is available in front-wheel drive with a variety of engines ranging from 2.0 liters to 2.4 liters and including biofuel-compatible options. The vehicle is made for both civilian and police use. The police versions have advanced suspension and braking systems for high-speed chases and light offroading.

The S60 is assembled at Volvo's Ghent plant in Belgium. This five-seater gets better fuel economy depending on the year and the engine option, but a 22 mpg combined city/highway fuel economy is representative. Some models require premium gasoline. The cars are available in five-speed automatic and six-speed manual options. Horsepower varies from 138 with the biofuel versions to 300 with the R series manual and automatic drives.

The Volvo S60 has been produced continuously since 2001. Its first generation lasted from 2001 until 2010 in the US. First generation S60s are distinguished by their simple curves and black side moldings. The car was updated in 2005 to have body-colored side moldings, new headlights, and a new center console. The T5's engine was also retooled that year. The S60's second generation begins with the 2011 model, which has even more dramatic curves than its predecessors. The car features Pedestrian Detection, a Park Assist camera, and an updated Volvo logo.

The current Volvo S60 includes two trim levels: the 2.5T and the T5. The 2.5T is reasonably well-appointed and, like all Volvos, features industry-leading safety features. Meanwhile, the T5 is a bit sportier: it has larger wheels, better suspension, and greater horsepower. Both models get excellent customer reviews for performance and comfort. Luxury options include a premium sound system and leather upholstery.

Volvo's S60 beats the competition with its outstanding crash tests and safety features. Standard features include a panic button, a trunk anti-trap device, anti-lock disc brakes, a patented whiplash-reduction system, side airbags, valet lockout, and more. For these reasons and more, the Volvo S60 has won dozens of awards from auto enthusiasts around the world. The car has been known as the "Scottish Executive Car of the Year", the "Fashion-leading Car" for China, and as Germany's "Bestes Produkt 2010". ... View more

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