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2001 Toyota Avalon

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2001 Toyota Avalon

About the 2001 Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is a premium model, full-size, four-door sedan. It is engineered with one main focus in mind – comfort. Beginning with its quiet roomy interior, the car offers adjustable front seats, with a heating and cooling feature, to ensure the driver's comfort. Plus, there are audio and climate controls within the driver's fingertips, conveniently located on the steering wheel. Its comfort continues to the rear, where passengers can relax and enjoy more legroom and reclining seats.

The Avalon is built and designed by Toyota Motor Company, a Japanese auto maker, headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. Production factories are also located in the U.S. and in other countries worldwide. The Avalon can comfortably seat five passengers and has generous trunk space. An automatic transmission and a V6 engine are standard. Its powerful V6 engine makes some compromises on fuel efficiency. On the other hand, the Avalon runs on regular 87-octane unleaded gasoline, which is a savings at the gas pump.

The first Avalon was launched in early 1994 as a 1995 model, rolling off a U.S. production line in Georgetown, Kentucky. The Avalon evolved with numerous revisions over the years. In 2000, it was the first Toyota model to feature an optional navigation system, which has been improved to today's voice-activated, touch-screen, DVD technology. Currently in its third generation, the Avalon has incurred extensive overlapping with other competing models, including the Camry XLE and Lexus ES. The one distinguishing feature is the extra rear legroom of the Avalon, yet there is a drawback – the rear seats do not fold down.

Previously available in four models, the new 2011 Avalon has only two trim lines – the Avalon base model and the Limited upgraded model. Both are equipped with a long list of impressive standard features that include a backup camera that provides better visibility when driving in reverse; rain sensing wipers that automatically react to the amount of rainfall; wide angle fog lights; side mirrors that fold down; and power rear sun shade. Often considered a conservative model for older consumers, Toyota has included features that attract younger consumers, such as bluetooth wireless technology and iPod connectivity.

The Avalon has been awarded the 2011 IntelliChoice Best Value Award in the Premium Passenger Car category. IntelliChoice is a rating service that rates cars annually based on value relative to the cost of ownership and operation. A good car value means that the cost to own and operate the car is lower than expected. Like all 2011 Toyota models, the Avalon features a newly designed accelerator and override system. This is a safety measure to prevent any unintended acceleration (a problem with older Camry models in 2010). ... View more

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