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1974 Pontiac Grand Am

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1974 Pontiac Grand Am

About the 1974 Pontiac Grand Am

The Pontiac Grand Am has a storied past; after beginning production in 1973, it was ended two years later. By 1985, the Grand Am was in its third cycle of production, which lasted for fifteen years before it was discontinued in 2005. Five generations were produced since manufacturing began in 1973, and each one presented a new and exciting design to the public. After 2005, the Pontiac G6 was unveiled and replaced the final Grand Am.

The final production year Grand Am offered five different trims, from the SE base model to the more feature-rich GT1. One reason the Grand Am saw a halt in production the first time was the rise in fuel costs. The first generation Grand Am was larger and heavier than other sedans on the market, thus making its fuel economy very poor. Production of the Grand Am lasted only two years after introduction to the public.

During its first generation, the Grand Am was a mid-size sedan with two optional V8 engines. After a three-year hiatus, the Pontiac Grand Am returned to production and the second generation was born. Unfortunately, strict emission regulations forced another halt on production after only two years. In 1995, Pontiac revived the Grand Am for a third time. It featured five optional engines, including a 3.0-liter V6 that would be discontinued in 1997.

By the fifth generation in 1999, the redesigned Pontiac Grand Am offered five different trim levels, from the base SE model to the more feature-rich GT1. The base model was equipped with cloth seats and standard AM/FM stereo, while the GT1 featured a 3.4-liter V6 engine, 5-speed manual transmission, and new wheel designs. The SE2 trim level was dropped by 2001, which paved the way for a newer SE model in 2003, with a new design and an MP3 player added to the CD player.

After a rough start on the market, the Grand Am finally found its place amongst the many compact sedans available from 1985 to 2005. By the year 2000, the Grand Am won the Best Overall Value of the Year Award by IntelliChoice. With three-star and four-star safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Grand Am continued to be a reliable vehicle for families seeking a sedan and buyers of all ages in search of a sports coupe. ... View more

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