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1990 Nissan 240SX

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About the 1990 Nissan 240SX

Although the 240SX sounds similar to the early 240Z manufactured by Nissan, the two cars are unrelated. While the 240SX is sleek in design, it is a sporty compact car that features room for two passengers in the back. The 240Z hit the streets as a two-seater from the beginning; although, a 2+2 hatchback was later produced that allowed for additional passengers. For 11 years, the Nissan 240SX was desired by car enthusiasts for its sporty look and fast four-cylinder I4 engine.

The 240SX was assembled in Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan, from 1989 to 1998 and was built on the front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. Despite the small size of the first generation models, passengers had ample legroom. Beneath the sleek design and sloping hood of the second generation Nissan 240SX is a 2.4 liter KA24DE I4 engine. It produces 155 horsepower and 160 foot-pounds of torque, and all of its power is utilized with the addition of the optional 5-speed transmission.

The first generation ran from 1989 to 1994 and sold in three body styles: 2-door convertible, 2-door coupe and 3-door hatchback. Two optional 2.4 liter engines were available during this time, but the weaker of the two was dropped when the second generation was produced. In 1995, the Nissan 240SX received a complete redesign that offered more interior space, a longer frame, and only one body style to choose from. The convertible and hatchback styles were dropped, which left only the 2-door coupe for the final three years of its production.

At its base level, the 2-door 240SX coupe was equipped with 15-inch wheels and a softer suspension. The rear sway bar was removed from the base model and only offered in the SE and LE models. These two trim levels offered more options, such as 16-inch alloy wheels, leather seats, CD player, keyless entry and anti-lock brakes. In 1997, the 240SX received optional projector headlamps, a new bumper, and a revamped hood and tail lights.

Due to the success of the Nissan 240SX, it received a few awards and recognitions during its 11-year run. IntelliChoice gave the 2Dr convertible the Best Overall Value of the Year Award in 1994, while J. D. Power and Associates placed the 240SX in its Top Ten for Initial Quality list in 1998. Motor Trend reported that the 240SX will make you look good on a twisty road", and AutoWeek claimed the shifter and handling feels "fun, fun, fun". J. D. Power and Associates ranked the 1998 240SX "above industry average for vehicle dependability". ... View more

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