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Mercury Sable

About the Mercury Sable

The Mercury Sable was sold as a mid-class sedan from 1986-2005 and an upscale, full-size sedan from 2008-2009. The original Sable was very similar to the Ford Taurus, but had a futuristic look that was completely different from anything that had ever been on the market. It was a family-friendly vehicle that was safe and spacious, with optional all-wheel drive. The Sable has standard safety features that are normally seen on much higher-priced vehicles. Critics were not, however, impressed with the Sable's handling on the road.

The 2009 Sable offered 8 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. It had a 3.6-liter Cyclone V6 engine with 263 horsepower and 265 foot-pounds of torque. It had a 6-speed 6F automatic transmission. front-wheel drive/ all-wheel drive. The Sable offered seating for five, and that means more than that there are five seat belts. The seating is comfortable and roomy, with plenty of legroom. The front seats are higher up, like an SUV, for a better view of the road.

There were five generations of Sables. The first was produced in GS and LS from 1996-1991. It was a mid-sized car that came in a four-door sedan and a four-door station wagon. This first Sable was specifically designed to be aerodynamic. The second generation was produced from 1992-1995. An LTS trim was added for 1995 only. The car got a more modern look. From 1996-1999, the third generation offered a complete redesign and offered an oval shape. The fourth generation, from 2000-2005, got rid of the oval shape. More options were also available. Production ceased until 2008, and then the fifth generation was released from 2008-2009. It was less a Sable and more a renamed Mercury Montenegro.

Aside from the high seats, the Sable also had large windows and a low dashboard, making visibility easier. Some critics thought there were too many controls on the dash, but most felt satisfied. It also had power-adjustable petals for drivers who needed to adjust them. A well-liked Ford system known as the Sync infotainment system was optional on the Sable. It allowed the driver to use Bluetooth devices to work through the car's navigation system and through the stereo using voice commands. The trunk of the vehicle allowed 21 cubic feet of space. Since the front passenger seat folds flat, an object as long as nine feet can fit inside. There are also eight cupholders in the Sable.

The 1986, 1990, and 1991 Sables were on Car and Driver's Ten Best" list. the 2009 Sable received a 9.0 out of 10 "Predicted Reliability" rating provided by J.D. Power and Associates. The 2008 model was designated a "Top Safety Pick" by the Insurance Institute. ... View more

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