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1995 Land Rover Defender 90

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About the 1995 Land Rover Defender 90

The Land Rover Defender is an off-road vehicle. It offers four-wheel drive and it quite utilitarian in its nature. An interesting piece of history about the Defender is that Queen Elizabeth of England actually drives herself in one around the Royal Family's Balmoral Estate. It has been in production since 1983, and it is still produced in the UK and Australia. North American production stopped in 1997. It is currently sold in the 90 Hard Top and 110 Hard Top and each comes offers a base, S, and SE model.

The base 90 Hard Top has a 2.4 litre, four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 121 HP and 265 ft. lb. of torque. Maximum speed is 82 mph. It can go 0 to 60 mph in 14.2 seconds. Fuel economy is 21.3 mpg city and 32.9 mpg highway. It can haul 3,500kg or carry loads of up to 1,529kg. The Defender offers seating for up to seven.

The Defender was known as the Land Rover One Ten when it was produced for the first time in 1983. The name had to do with the length of the wheelbase. The Land Rover Ninety soon followed. The Ninety was sold as a three-door station wagon, two-door pickup, and three-door van. The One Ten was sold as a five-door station wagon. The cars during this period were marketed as family utility vehicles that were great for private, recreational use. Changes to these vehicles were new lifestyle changes that previously were unimaginable in the Land Rover's previous models. These included radio and cassette players, surf board carriers, and bike racks. In 1990, the vehicle became the Defender. It was offered was offered in a three-door station wagon, five-door station wagon, two-door Single Cab pickup, four-door Double Cab pickup, and two-door Hard Top. Currently, it is just available in the the two-door Hard Top.

The interior features offered on the Defender includes deep cargo tray, map pocket, and rubber floor trim. Options include air conditioning and cubby box. Exterior features include rear mud flaps, heated rear screen and rear wash wipe, two side steps and a Hard Top – Plain Roof with no rear side windows. Interior colors include vinyl trim in twill and grey and cloth trim in black.

Exterior options include front mud flaps, tinted glass, rear folding step, under-ride protection bar, Hard Top with fixed glass (rear side window), and Hard Top with sliding glass (rear side window). The optional packages include Cold Climate Pack - heated screen and seats Convenience Pack, Comfort Pack, Exterior Pack Body, Roof Appointment Pack, Protection Pack, and Style Pack Boost ... View more

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