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1991 Infiniti G20

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About the 1991 Infiniti G20

The Infiniti G20 is a front-engined, front-wheel drive vehicle, only offered in a sedan configuration that will accommodate five passengers. A relatively small 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine allows the vehicle to be fuel-efficient while providing an adequate amount of performance. The Infiniti G20 is designed to appeal to a young professional that wants an alternative to the more expensive European models.

While the Infiniti G20 may seem to be lacking in power, with only a 145-horsepower 4-cylinder motor, a finely-tuned suspensions system makes the vehicle very capable of handling curvy roads. As opposed to most entry-level compact sedans, there actually is enough space inside to provide room for four adults and their belongings. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard, but a four-speed automatic option is offered as well.

The initial 1991 model was based on a Japanese Nissan model called the Primera, and was intended to appeal to luxury buyers as an alternative to the Nissan line-up. Although the first few years were plagued with service issues, repairs, and recalls, many of the problems were simple fixes and did not appear in the later models. Stiff competition in the luxury sedan market made it very difficult for the Infiniti G20 to ever reach high levels of success, and the most eagerly-awaited model was the Infiniti G35. When the Infiniti G20 was discontinued in 2003, the Infiniti G35 was offered in a coupe configuration, with a sedan finally arriving in 2008.

A sport package makes it easy to upgrade the base Infiniti G20, and it includes such features as larger wheels and a more aggressive appearance from the front. The leather and sunroof package includes an automatic climate control, power seats with heat, and several options with colored leatherette. In its standard form, the vehicle does come with wood trim and a nicely-appointed interior. A touring model was offered for several years, but there were not very many differences except for a few minor exterior details.

Nissan used the Infiniti G20 model to test customer reactions to a steering system that was sensitive to changes in engine speed. The suspension on the vehicles is perhaps the most admirable attribute, and many enthusiasts still look for the older models. The 2002 model received the top rating provided by identifix for reliability, and the crash tests revealed similar excellent results. There are still a number of Infiniti G20s on the road, and the appealing Nissan reliability is certainly found in the vehicle. While the model often had to compete with its own Nissan line-up, the dealer experience and a better warranty has always been successful in luring a significant number of buyers ... View more

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