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1968 Ford Falcon

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About the 1968 Ford Falcon

The Ford Falcon was produced in the United States from 1960 through 1970. The Falcon was a compact car model in the Ford line. In Australia, however, the Ford Falcon is a full-sized automobile that is made to this day. In Argentina, the Ford Falcon was a mid-sized car that was made until 1991.

The Ford Falcon was created to fill the need for a compact, inexpensive, and economical sedan. The first generation of Falcon had an inline six-cylinder engine with a manual transmission or an optional two-speed automatic. Even in its most luxurious trim, the Falcon was a sparse vehicle.

The initial models of the first generation (60-63) Falcon were: two-door sedan, four-door sedan, three-door station wagon, five-door station wagon, two-door hardtop, two-door convertible, two-door coupe utility, and a two-door sedan delivery vehicle. The Futura was the top model trim package. In 1963 a Sprint model was introduced. The Falcon Sprint was a two-door hardtop with a 260 CID V-8, a four-speed transmission and a heavy-duty suspension. A Ranchero was also introduced that consisted of a pick-up bed in lieu of a rear compartment and seats.

The second generation Ford Falcon received a redesign and the 260 V-8 was replaced by the 289 CID mill. A three-speed automatic was added in 1965 and the Sprint model was continued for '64 and '65. Sales of the Falcon had produced a million units sold in the first two years and the volume continued only slightly abated through the second generation until the arrival of the Ford Mustang. Bearing the same platform and much sportier looks, the Mustang killed the sales of the Falcon.

The third generation Falcon was a redesign of the Fairlane platform and had adopted the Mustang's short deck and long hood appearance in an effort to boost flagging sales. It was not successful, and the Falcon was dropped from the Ford line in 1970. The name is still seen on models from Ford of Australia and Brazil, but they are not the same compact/mid-sized car that was made in the USA.

The Ford Falcon was the right car for the right time at its inception. It was much roomier on the inside than the exterior dimensions would suggest. With the larger engine options, it was a decent highway cruiser, delivering good fuel mileage, though that wasn't a major concern in the 1960s. The car handled well and the brakes were good for that era. The platform carried on in the form of the Mustang for many more generations ... View more

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