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1981 Chrysler LeBaron

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About the 1981 Chrysler LeBaron

As a luxury vehicle, the Chrysler LeBaron was a successful, long-running addition to the Chrysler and Imperial lineups. Through the years, multiple LeBaron body styles were available, but the convertible coupe LeBaron is probably the best known. LeBarons were relatively safe, and reached the apex of their popularity through the 1980s and early 1990s. The car was capable of serious power and represented the best in Chrylser styling and luxury, but production ended in 1995 to make way for new Chryslers like the Sebring.

The later LeBaron sedans used fairly powerful engines and had fairly decent fuel economy. The 1994 LeBaron sedan, for instance, featured a 3.0-liter 141 horsepower V6 engine and was capable of about 21 mpg in city and 27 mpg on the highway. Sedans seated six and had ample trunk space. Like many Chryslers of the era, they were large cars with high safety ratings. Reliability was average to high depending on the model of the LeBaron.

When Imperial became its own brand outside of Chrysler, it introduced the LeBaron in 1957 as a luxury model. Over time, numerous body types and designs were used with the LeBaron; throughout the 1970s and 1980s it became a station wagon, sedan, and an especially popular two-door coupe. They were especially popular racing cars, but the LeBaron was phased out and replaced by other Chrysler models in 1995. The Chrysler LeBaron was assembled in Toluca, Mexico and in Newark, Delaware for its last generations.

A large number of trim options were available for LeBarons. In the 1990s, the car was avaiable in a base trim, Landau trim, and LE trim. The LE had a three-speed automatic transmission while other trips featured a four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. Other differentiations between trim choices included improved interiors and sound systems and the addition of a sunroof. Convertible models were also available throughout the run of later LeBarons.

The LeBaron was considered a relatively safe vehicle in head-on collisions, with a four star rating in this area from the NHTSA for its 1994 model. It was also lauded for its luxurious interior and compelling looks, as well as a history of powerful engines and reliable construction. Eventually, however, the Chrysler LeBaron sedan was discontinued, and in its place Chrysler kept a steady stream of similar front-wheel drive sedans such as the Sebring and the New Yorker. Nevertheless, the LeBaron's unmistakable styling was a significant force in the Chrysler lineup from the 1960s on ... View more

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