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1976 Buick Century

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About the 1976 Buick Century

The Buick Century is a mid-size four door sedan very similar in design to the Buick Regal. Over numerous redesigns, it has been offered as a station wagon and a full performance vehicle, but the current modest four-door is its recent iteration. Its LG8 3.1L V6 set it apart from the Regal and other mid-size cars, although the Century wasn't nearly as powerful in its later years as in its early models. It was eventually replaced by the Buick LaCrosse in 2005.

The later models of the Century were assembled in Oshawa, Canada and were frequently Buick's top selling cars. The 2005 model features 175 HP at 5200RPM and a respectable fuel economy of 30MPG on the highway and 20MPG in city. With decent power and well-reviewed safety features, the later versions of the Century were unexceptional but dependable vehicles.

The Buick Century debuted in the 1930s and was promoted as the first Buick that could reach the Century mark;" a term coined by a British designer to note the vehicle's ability to hit 100mph. It was a performance vehicle and used a light body with Buick's most powerful engines, for instance a 322 cubic inch V8 in the late 1950's. Coupe, sedan, and hard-top station wagons were introduced before the Century settled on its current mid-size, mid-priced sedan design in the 1990s.

While the Century eventually dropped its focus on speed, later models offered some luxury and convenience options. Four speed automatic overdrive transmissions helped to improve fuel economy. The interior featured optional leather seats, a CD player and changer, hands-free phone operation, and a great deal of headroom (about 40 inches in the front of the car). The 2005 Century seats six people and has gained a reputation as a reliable family car. It was often less expensive than competitors such as the Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Sonata, but it also offered fewer luxury features.

The Buick Century received the Polk Automotive Loyalty Award in 1998, indicating a higher percentage of returning customers than any other mid-size vehicle. The Century also received slightly better than average safety ratings for driver protection from the NHTSA, although it scored average in other areas. Automotive Information Systems rated the 2004-2005 models of the Century as exceptionally reliable with minimal mechanical problems. For many buyers, this is the later Century's best feature: it's a very dependable vehicle. Century owners often reference the craftsmanship of the car as a reason for later models' popularity. ... View more

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