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World’s First All-Electric Nissan Leaf Limousine

Green  /   /  By Bradley Berman

Photo credit: Imperial LimoLand

Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, Mo. made headlines in June when it created the world’s first all-electric stretch limousine. “We took a regular Nissan LEAF electric,” said Nathan Daily, the company’s head electrician, “And we cut it into two and basically extended the frame and everything to add a center section to stretch it into a limousine.” That electric limo is now up for auction on eBay.

There’s only a day left in the auction, but nobody has yet met the starting bid of $50,000.

The process of stretching the Leaf obviously adds weight to the EV, which still employs Nissan’s 24-kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery pack. Therefore, driving range on a single charge will be less than the usual 80 or so miles offered by the Leaf.

But this does not diminish the uniqueness of the vehicle, or the publicity (and green cred) the right owner would get from driving what is likely the world’s only zero-emissions limousine. The design is fully revealed in a YouTube tour of the vehicle.

For more information about electric cars and other fuel efficient vehicles, visit eBay’s Green Driving Center.

Click to view the auction listing: 2013 Nissan Leaf Limousine

About the Author

Bradley Berman is a leading writer and researcher about electric cars and green transportation. He regularly contributes driving reviews and technology articles to The New York Times, Fortune, MIT Technology Review, Popular Mechanics, and other publications.

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