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World’s Fastest Car Show, Night Vision Driving

Community  /   /  By Justin Bell

WFCS 2.24 – Night Vision Driving in an Audi

In my racing career I have done a lot of fun crazy things, but none like this one! When my producer suggested it I thought he was joking, but next thing I knew I was hurtling around a race track fixated on a three inch screen to show me the way. It truly is a case of technology in action, and I know that as soon as they work out how to drive the car, I am out of a job!

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  1. Brent Kennedy June 12, 2013 at 10:49 pm Reply

    Awesome, wish i had that in my car. One question though, if you were driving at night, what would happen when another car came in the other direction with their high beams(or even low) on? would the night vision cut out(go white) or would it filter that out?

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