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Welcome to The Worlds Fastest Car Show – Season II

Community, Motorsports  /   /  By Justin Bell

This past year has been an amazing one since we launched The Worlds Fastest Car Show Season I on eBay Motors.

One of the most gratifying experiences has been having people email/tweet/facebook post and come up to me in person to express how much they have enjoyed our unique content – what more could we ask?

You see for both Nicolai (my Director) and myself, WFCS documents our journey through the world of cars and the people that love them. We get invited to attend so many cool events and drive such amazing cars that to create a show seems just a natural process – and I hope it shows in the finished product.

Obviously all things evolve and so I hope you find this season even more entertaining and well produced, as our team has taken the lessons learned from the first twelve shows and poured the positive elements into these next twenty.

It all kicks off with three shows that we feel bring you some of the best, fun action from the recent Pebble Beach weekend. For all of us at WFCS this is the best weekend of the year when it comes to cars and we had so much fun, as you will see!

Also coming up over these next few weeks we get to drive a crazy fast new Korean built Supercar, test drive the new BMW M6 and a lot more.

Our goal is to make the Worlds Fastest Car Show the best car/lifestyle show in the States and with your help we can. Please tell your friends and share the links to each episode. Also, if you have any really cool ideas on cars or events for us to shoot in the next season, please get in touch. You can follow me on Twitter @justinbelltv or on Facebook, so keep in touch!

Lastly and sincerely, many thanks for all the support of the amazing and enthusiastic eBay Motors and Mobile team – together we have made one crazy good car show!

Best wishes to you all and remember – keep your foot in it!


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