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We Want to Know About Your Memories of Hitting 300K

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As we just watched our Facebook page hit 300,000 fans, it triggered our memories as we know all of us can remember watching the odometer roll into six digits as we passed the 100,000-mile mark. Some of us have been lucky enough to have a vehicle last long enough to hit 200,000 miles; hard-run survivors who are almost always presented by their owners with a proud smile and a smack on the hood. As we reach our own milestone we want to hear from you, the eBay Motors Blog reader: we want stories about gaining entry into the 300,000-mile club.

From the humble pickup truck that just never seemed to be able to say die, to the sales professional whose sedan became a home away from home during multi-state runs, there are more 300,000 and up cars out there than you would initially think. Some are classics that make you swear that they just don’t build ‘em like they used to, and some will just leave you wondering just how one car can get so many miles racked up so quickly. If you have one of these vehicles we want to hear your story now.

What do you remember of the moment the big 300,000 number turned over on the odometer? What was the car and is it still running? Tell us where you were when you hit 300,000 miles and especially any interesting, funny, or wild tales of reaching the vaunted milestone. We know some of you have some great stories out there; think of this as the ultimate bar hangout, with supreme high mileage bragging rights on the line. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Terri, from our eBay Social Services group, shares the story of her Camry reaching 300,000 miles and beyond.

Nissan Altima 350,000 miles and still runnings300k odometer

We bought our car (2000 Nissan Altima) on Dec-31-1999. It had 3 miles on it when we got it. Within a year of commuting in CA it hit 100,000. We moved to UT in 2001 and it took another 5 years to hit 200,000. In January of 2011 it hit 300K.

The amazing part is that it did 300K on ONE engine and the original timing chain! We replaced the clutch twice, the transmission, a radiator and some other minor parts. The car made it through four teenagers learning to drive a manual transmission. I never once turned the key and expected anything else but it to start right up.

I lost my dog and car in my divorce (and had to keep the kids) J I think he got the better deal haha I sent the car back with 335K. It still runs and commutes a short 60 mile round trip each day, and now has almost 350K on it.

A small sample of stories from our Facebook eBay Motors fan page. We had over 200 comments with this post.

Tommy Patston: My paralegal has over 560,000 miles on her 1997 Ford Explorer. Real miles I must add!

Chuck Muse: ‎1998 Toyota RAV4, 332,000 when I sold it; it still ran good…

James DeBerry: ‎97 accord 331,000 and still drive it hard. Perfect.

Carl Passiglia: ‎1997 ford cargo van 303,000 original owner!!! Also had a 1995 maxima with 311,00 and sold it and made money on it !!!

Matthew Couchois: Reached 360k miles on my 99 ranger before it died. That 4.0 v6 is bullet proof! Drove it for 160k miles on a spun main bearing! About to buy another one lol

We’re immensely proud of what we do here at eBay Motors, and think it’s important to share these milestones with you—it’s your love for vehicles that makes what we do possible in the first place. May we continue to pass on and share stories of greater milestones in the future.

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4 Comments on "We Want to Know About Your Memories of Hitting 300K"

4 years 5 months ago

they must have lived in a car.

nathan jung
4 years 5 months ago

My 97 toyt.camry xle 325K original trannie Ebay has supplied many parts due to gouging dealer prices for repair parts Putting A/C condenser Thurs.Rear wheel hub&bearing goner replaced last week Sprayed glue on headliner Rt.front bearing future project My 86 Maxima had 385K No more!

4 years 5 months ago

I know my car still a long way to go and I hope it reaches the 300,000 mile mark but so far my 1997 Chevy camaro has 201k miles I am so happy it reached that much and it has the original motor and tranny and no rebuilds but the famouse check engine sigh is in lol.

4 years 5 months ago

Great stories everyone! Looks like many of you may be able to join us as we near our 400k milestone soon as well!

What has been the trick to keeping your vehicles going as long as they have? Preventative maintenance with good parts or something else?