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Toyota Pulls Space Shuttle Endeavour

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[updated Oct. 15, 2012]

After NASA retired the Space Shuttle program, the various Shuttles themselves have started to find their ways to their new homes for display. This past Friday night October 12th, the Space Shuttle Endeavor will stop as it makes its way to the final destination at the California Science Center. As cool as that is on its own, Toyota has thrown a spin on Endeavour’s arrival by having a Tundra pull the Endeavour during part of the leg to the final location at the Science Center—and is aiming to raise awareness and money for the Center in the process.

Opened in 1998, the California Science Center’s mission is based around expanding interest in the sciences through various exhibits combined with educational initiatives. Working as a Smithsonian Institution affiliate, the Center has seen loans over the years of various air and spacecraft, including the Gemini 11 and Mercury MR-2 capsules along with the restored 1929 Velie Monocoupe.

Toyota has set up a Twitter fund drive in conjunction with the Tundra’s Endeavour-pull—check out the tally here—where Toyota will donate $50 for every instance of someone tweeting this message: “Toyota Tundra tows Space Shuttle Endeavour on 10/13. Tweet to raise $50 for @CAScienceCenter. #TundraEndeavour”.

We here at eBay Motors are big fans of the Space Shuttle, and of Toyota which has been a great supporter of eBay Motors from day one. The California Science Center is a great cause and we want to thank our generous eBay Motors community who have done everything they can to spread the word about Toyota’s efforts this past weekend during our live coverage here on our blog, Facebook & Twitter platforms.

Check out some great videos about the event on Toyota’s website and our own coverage below, and spread the word any way you can. Of course, being a Twitter fund drive, tweets and RTs will do the most to get the word out, but don’t forget linking to Facebook as well. The more eyes we can get this in front of, the more good we can do as a group for this great cause, so be sure to stay in touch with our live coverage of this event this Saturday on the eBay Motors Blog, our Facebook page, and on our Twitter account @eBayMotors!

This was a great experience for us and we want to thank our friends at Toyota & Saatchi-LA for giving us the opportunity to share this exciting and historical event with you.

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  1. Derek Mau October 12, 2012 at 2:32 pm Reply

    The 7 videos Toyota collected for the Toyota/Endeavour landing page are really interesting. They provide a good insight and informational background of the Endeavour. Definitely worth taking a break and learning something new.

  2. rickkerny October 14, 2012 at 5:47 am Reply

    This is great news ! Guys if you need great JDM Toyota Motors then buy the low mileage ones from Japan.

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