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The 9 Coolest Automotive Coffee Table Books

Culture, Lifestyles  /   /  By Daniel Gray

Looking for the perfect gift for the automotive enthusiast in your life? Coffee table books are one size fits all. Pick a car brand or type, and you can’t go wrong.


The Art of the Muscle Car – Collector’s Edition

Jam-packed with Peter Harholdt’s luscious photography, “The Art of the Muscle Car” documents American automotive history’s high-water mark. No Detroit muscle enthusiast’s coffee table is complete without this gorgeous book.

Top Gear – The Cool 500 – The Coolest Cars Ever Made

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond may have left the franchise, but their legacy lives on. “Top Gear – The Cool 500 – The Coolest Cars Ever Made” dishes out the details on the coolest of the cool.

Ferrari 308, 328 and 348 – The Complete Story

Our love for the Ferrari 308 can be blamed on eight seasons of Magnum P.I. (No, really.) As the successor to the Dino, the 308 was (and remains) the Ferrari that common folk could aspire to own. You might still aspire, but you can own the book in the meantime.


Jeep: The History of America’s Greatest Vehicle

Once the Jeep gets into your blood, it never leaves. Patrick Foster delves into 70 years of Jeep history, from vehicle details to corporate maneuvers. Check out “Jeep: The History of America’s Greatest Vehicle.” It’s a Jeep thing.

Art of the Corvette

Crammed full of sumptuous photography by the author Randy Leffingwell and photographer Tom Loeser, “The Art of the Corvette” delivers the goods on seven generations of America’s favorite sports car.

Mustang – Fifty Years – Celebrating America’s Only True Pony Car

Think back in your life to all of the Mustangs you’ve known and loved: GT, Shelby GT500, Super Cobra Jet, Boss 302, SVO, Fox Body. You’ll find them all in “Mustang: Fifty Years.” If you could pick just one, which would you choose? I think I’d go for a ’68 fastback resto-mod.


Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years – From the Groundbreaking Miura to Today’s Hypercars

It all started for me when that Miura showed up in town, and the Countach poster that my buddy had pinned up on the basement wall. A lifetime of drooling over an endless series of over-the-top supercars with inevitably mispronounced names: Gallardo, Reventón, Murciélago, and Aventador. They can all be found in “Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years.”

BMW M3 – The Complete Story

No M3 maven’s coffee table is complete without a copy of “BMW M3 – The Complete Story.” James Taylor’s M3 epic covers the first four generations of the M3 and includes more than 250 photographs.

Porsche 911: 50 Years

Highlights glisten on an instantly recognizable profile, as the 911 emerges from the shadows on the cover of Randy Leffingwell’s “Porsche 911: 50 Years.” If you believe that engines belong aft of the cabin, this book’s for you.

About the Author

Daniel Gray is a best-selling tech author and video maker. He is also the road-test editor at Autobytel and the creative force behind Dan has had the good fortune to own a string of notable Hondas, including a CRX Si and a trio of S2000s. His legendary beater 1999 Civic HX coupe, a.k.a. “Slambo,” is a rolling experiment in hardware-store aerodynamics.

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