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The 4 Reasons Buyers Shop Online

Dealers  /   /  By Clayton Stansfield

The 4 Reasons Buyers Shop Online

We teach dealers that there are 4 main reasons buyers shop online

1. Convenience
a. If you could sit on your couch, shop vehicle selection and price for dealers across the country, find and buy it without ever physically going to the dealership and then allow the vehicle to be delivered directly to you, would you do it? Of course you would. Now it is not as simple as all of that, but eBay Motors offer as close to a Shopping Cart experience as you can get buying a vehicle online.
b. Customers are looking for this experience. On eBay alone, more than 6,000 vehicles are sold every week through mobile applications. This shows us how comfortable they are researching on their own online and how much they trust the process. Our dealers need to learn to embrace these shoppers. Whether they research online and then come to the dealership or the do all their research online and have the vehicle shipped, we need to prepare our online presence to impress.

2. Selection
a. Let look at me as an example. Let’s says I am shopping for a 2007 Cadillac Escalade. There may be a handful in Reno, but when shopping eBay I see 125 of them from sellers across the country. I can look at the vehicles and find exactly what I am looking for. Each listing has pictures, descriptions, and a variety of VIN information as well as an Auto Check History Report. With eBay Motors buyers are able to shop vehicles across the country to find the exact vehicle they want.

3. Pricing
a. Then I can look at price. I firmly believe that every pre-owned vehicle is a niche vehicle. In eBay I can look at each of the vehicles for sale and match price to selection. I can decide the tradeoffs I want to make. Do I want to stay low miles and pay a little more or am I ok with a little higher miles to get a better price or extra options. Everyone would like to find the perfect car at the perfect price. But if you give me the perfect car, make it convenient and I trust you, price isnt the most important part.

4. Trust
a. On eBay we see other reasons for a buyer to shop. They are part of the eBay community and like to handle their shopping there. With protections in place like feedback and the Buyer Protection Program along with an Auto Check Vehicle History Report included in each listing for free, eBay allows buyers the most convenience possible. On eBay Motors buyers have access to inventory from buyers across the country. This supply, along with the quality of the listings, allows them to make buying decisions right from their computer by doing their own research.
b. Trust is key. It doesn’t matter how convenient you make it, nor how great your selection or price is. If they buyers do not trust your or the process then they will not buy from you. On eBay we have a number of pieces in place like feedback, the Buyer Protection Program and Auto Check Vehicle History Reports to help, but when it comes down to it the most important part is do they trust your dealership.

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