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The key is moderation. Don’t make drastic changes to the car’s appearance.

The all-new 2018 Camry that rolls into dealerships this summer shares the same body as the Monster Energy Cup Series car.

Starting in the mid-1970s, convertibles disappeared from dealerships for about six years.

Here are the best examples of a seriously cool vehicular subculture: the mobile DJ studio.

This Corona Mark II wagon was sitting for more than 30 years before a Toyota dealer purchased it from the original owner.

The roof is cut away starting with the front windows going back. Then, the hearse is decorated in copper and brass.

It's a rare FJ45 destined for the concours d'elegance rather than the Congo.

In late 1981, Toyota combined its entry-level Celica with the more powerful Supra coupe in order to create a sporty GT.

American buyers found its performance utterly unsuitable for America’s high-speed interstates.

Toyota Racing Development is best known for producing off-road race trucks, but it also develops products for the showroom.

The birth of the Corolla in 1966 flew below the radar of American gearheads.

Is the 2000GT the most desirable and valuable Japanese automobile ever produced?

Pre-war art cars and exotics still command top dollar, but other categories are affordable and on the rise.

Toyota’s two-door 4X4 never goes out of style.

The gathering of 1,500-plus cars netted about 12,000 toys, as well as warm clothing and school supplies for local organizations.

Dropped to millimeters above the ground, restrained luxury cruisers were transformed into Japanese lowriders.

It’s hard to think of an early Japanese car that caught American’s interest more than the Celica.

Cars with electric propulsion were on stage at nearly every manufacturer’s booth this year.

Designers and engineers faced the Herculean task of appealing to Prius’s cult following, while broadening its appeal.

Here’s our round-up of favorite oddball eye-candy from Tokyo this year.

This car is of historic importance. It’s extremely rare. And it was in Japan's most famous automotive-themed TV program.