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In the early 1990s, Mercedes and Porsche co-produced the V-8 E500, which set a new standard for powerful luxury mid-size sedans.

The European-spec low-mileage automatic 1981 Porsche 928S was covered in a thick layer of dust.

A practically unused 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster sold for $659,800 on eBay.

Any car can at least look like it will go faster with a rear spoiler.

Porsche boldly breaks from 911 tradition by moving the engine from the rear to the middle of the chassis.

Automakers brought some of their most exciting models—vehicles you don't commonly see on the streets.

Admission tickets for key Monterey events can be pricey. But there are also great venues for gearheads on a budget.

This gathering is not your typical highbrow car concours, but rather a down-home meet-up of Porsche fans and friends.

Last month, at last, the 912 was ready for its first drive in more than a quarter-century.

These extraordinary cars come up for sale once in a blue moon.

The brand’s team of professionals gave lessons on the fine art of car control in icy conditions.

The gathering of 1,500-plus cars netted about 12,000 toys, as well as warm clothing and school supplies for local organizations.

The standard 918 Spyder is a rare bird. Examples fitted with the Weissach Package go even further.

Don’t assume that Porsche just took the Cayman GT4, and added a roll cage while subtracting an interior.

These seven models prove that car greatness is still possible in a millennial world.

Colorful LEDs, FrankenDatsuns, wild campers, and other major trends at this year's aftermarket extravaganza.

Thanks goodness for iconic new designs that embrace round headlamps and the pureness of form they embody.

Check out our suggestions for the illustrated books every gearhead would love to own.

The iconic Carrera GTS is recreated with historical accuracy, and can handle today’s roads and tracks.

In this car, you can be either the quintessential treehugger or the ultimate hooligan.

Porsche Motorsports got the car back together and running in a remarkable 66 days.