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The big reveal of the finished car at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is just two weeks away.

The Ford Mustang has been prominent in road racing and on the drag strip—and from NASCAR to Formula Drift.

Get ready for Rut and his crew to complete a ground-up restoration of a ‘67 Mustang Fastback while traveling coast to coast.

Adam asked if Rut and his crew considered bolting a Japanese engine into the Mustang.

Due diligence is critical when you buy a project car. It all starts with the intended use.

eBay Motors reached out to Jimmy Dinsmore, the Cincinnati-based auto writer who is currently co-authoring a book on Mustang history.

The eBay Motors ’67 Fastback is an homage to the original first-generation Mustang—but also creates something completely new.

Ford Mustang fans are always connected online, where they swap stories and help each other solve technical issues.

The design goal was to create one sweeping body line from front to end. Meanwhile, the engine produces 627 horsepower.

“It was way cool to hear 530 horses gallop simultaneously underneath the hood,” said celebrity car-builder Rutledge Wood.

“The car is one step closer to being my perfect Mustang,” said Mike Finnegan.

eBay Motors is on top of the food truck trend with many vehicles on tap, some of them already fully functional.

Ford never made a four-door version of its iconic Bronco SUV, but that didn’t discourage Maxlider Brothers Customs.

The Ford Restoration Parts program authorizes parts for vehicles ranging from a 1908 Model T to a 2005 F-150 pickup.

In 2015, Rutledge Wood asked Randy Allgood to work on cars for the History Channel’s “Lost in Transmission.”

The VIN reveals a breakdown of the Mustang’s origins, including the plant where it was built and its original engine specs.

The 1951 Ford two-door chop-top coupe can hit 150 miles per hour.

The brothers have been obsessed with Broncos since the late 1980s.

The team’s goal is to have the car running for its appearance at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan on Aug. 19.

Rut and his crew decided on the legendary 427 cubic inch Ford Cobra Jet engine and a stout Tremec five-speed manual transmission.

The crew is feverishly preparing their ’67 Mustang for the Goodguys 20th PPG Nationals, which starts in Columbus on July 7.