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The star vehicles are: a 1953 Chevy; 1965 Ford F-100; 1938 International Harvester; and the 1948 Ford F-1.

The meticulously resto-modded ’54 Chevy Bel Air can best be described as: refined.

This re-created racer nails the airbrushed psychedelic style of the period.

You’ll find a range of factory-style wheels in the eBay Listings—from true manufacturer wheels through expertly crafted tributes.

Pre-war art cars and exotics still command top dollar, but other categories are affordable and on the rise.

While the exterior has an exquisite patina, the interior features new Dakota Digital gauges and a Billet Specialties steering wheel.

The list of tech innovations includes carbon fiber, GPS-based data-tracking, and Aerogel insulation developed by NASA.

They were the first to roll out of the factory for three straight model years.

There were fewer “wow” moments than last year.

The Leaf and Volt continue to serve as the gold standard for electric vehicles under $40,000.

Getting 1,500 horsepower to the wheels takes some finesse.

We recently surveyed vintage car gatherings in the south of France to see the prevailing trends across the pond.

Nearing the end of the 1950s, the automotive scene was changing.

Cars with electric propulsion were on stage at nearly every manufacturer’s booth this year.

Rice owned the 1949 Chevy truck for two years. Five months ago, he got inspired to start a complete restoration.

GM handed us the keys to car in New Orleans, and said, “See you in Dallas.”

Colorful LEDs, FrankenDatsuns, wild campers, and other major trends at this year's aftermarket extravaganza.

The technology uses two conductive layers of material sandwiched together. When electrical current is applied, the paint glows.

SEMA is all about innovation and engineering wizardry, but we shouldn't forget the beauty of a classic truck.

The ads invoke fond memories for those of us who are part of the Baby Boomer generation.

Attitude Autos in Oxfordshire, U.K., transformed a small boring hatchback into a full-size version of the Little Tikes Crazy Coupe.