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“SPIED! Hottest Rides From The 2012 LA Auto Show

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

First the holidays are upon us and to make it even better for car people, the 2012 LA Auto Show opens Wednesday to the media.

But hey we’re the Auto Spies and we have ways of getting the photos of the show before everyone else.

What makes the LA Auto Show exciting is that California is the place where all the key car trends start and its packed with stars and the best cars!

So even though the show doesn’t open ‘officially’ until tomorrow, we have the photos today!

Remember, SPY there before you BUY! And there’s no better place to spy than eBay Motors!

First on the list…

2014 Fiat 500L


Fiat has returned to America after a long hiatus and they’re unveiling the 4 door, large 500, called the 500L. Aimed straight at the MINI Countryman, it will be interesting to see who wins the fight.

For now though, the most fun we’ve driven for the money in a long time is the little monster they call the Abarth:


Another car we spied was the all new Lexus LF-CC Concept in a killer blue color.

We really hope they build a production version because in our opinion it’s the best looking Lexus ever:

Lexus LF-CC Concept

1998 Lexus SC400 Coupe


Before the LF-CC Concept and their first coupe ever, the SC400 was an instant exotic in its time and the highest quality Lexus from a build quality standpoint ever.
Let’s hope the take the build quality and combine it with the sexy new look of the LF-CC and rock the world of coupes again like they did in the late 90’s.

Aston Martin DB6 Complete with all the Goldfinger toys installed


I couldn’t believe it when I saw this in the Aston booth today.

This is an actual Aston Martin DB6 customized with all the toys from the movies Goldfinger, Thunderball and SkyFall.

It actually was on display with the ejector seat activated!

This beauty isn’t for sale but you can get you hands on the Aston Martin of your dreams on eBayMotors.

Like this one for UNDER $50k that looks like it’s been babied and somebody’s garage queen!!!

2005 Aston Martin DB9


If you’re an Auto Spies reader you know I’m a big fan of the latest (2012 or newer) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the all new Pentastar engine.

No longer is the Wrangler underpowered and the new engine gets better mileage than the last generation engine.

In LA they’re showing the ‘King of the Off-road’ special 10th anniversary edition Wrangler Rubicon.

2013-Jeep-Wrangler-Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

The 2012’s and 2013’s for sale on eBay Motors are really good buys and we think you should consider one if you are in the market.

Here’s a great one…

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Shown here in the all new Blue color for 2013 is the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara


We attended the special Bentley LA Auto Show Party at Smashbox Studios in Hollywood getting a sneek peek of what will be at the show tomorrow.

The Bentley GT3 Supercar


You can’t buy it yet but you can pick up a nice Bentley on eBay Motors.

We like this one:

2005 Bentley Continental

When this car was new it cost in the mid hundreds.

This one only has 15k miles and can be had at Buy it Now’ for a steal at $74k!


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