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Spectacularly Cool and Ahead of its Time

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eBay Listing: 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Updated: Aug 7, 2014

The death of our former president was a traumatic moment for our nation, one that hurt many of us deeply. He was arguably a charismatic president, with many interesting tastes. His Lincoln Continental limousine has since become immortalized due in part to its notoriety in his death, and is a now car that couldn’t be disassociated with that notable president. It’s almost akin to James Dean being forever associated with his Porsche 550 Spider.

Despite the dark nature of cars that are associated with a person’s death, sometimes people embrace the charisma associated with the legacy of those fallen and their objects. Like Jimi Hendrix’s 1960’s Olympic White Fender Stratocaster, so despite some people’s untimely deaths, legends live on.

“JFK, blown away, what else do I have to say?
We didn’t start the fire,
It was always burning,
Since the world’s been turning.”

-Billy Joel

1962 lincoln continental convertible

The 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental will be forever associated with Camelot, with the Kennedys, and with the optimism of the early 1960’s, that took a darker turn on that tragic day in 1963. But, like our fallen former president that car has a lot of charisma and a lot of staying power too. A 1961 version was utilized in the famous television show “Entourage” as Johnny “Drama’s” car of choice. It was a vehicle from his past, which made it into his present, and one he cherished despite its occasionally dilapidated condition. If not a vintage Cadillac, a Lincoln of this vintage would be next on many people’s list of classy classic vehicles.

So why did we choose a Lincoln Continental from 1962? Because, it is one of the best in the Lincoln Continental range. In contrast the 1970’s Lincolns became bloated boats, and in the 1950’s as beautiful a car as they were, those didn’t have the JFK connection. If you really think about it few other Lincolns have made such a wave in history other than this historic and timeless model

Today’s 1962 Convertible appears to have been quite well cared for with a cosmetic restoration in 2008. It also has wide white walls, which we are suckers for on nearly any period correct car. The paint job also seems to have held up quite well at least by the pictures provided, and the description of the car’s condition is quite thorough.

1962 lincoln continental convertible

Can you picture yourself cruising down the boulevard in this classic beauty? We think so. Don’t delay. Auction listing ends on Aug 07, 2014 19:42 (PDT): 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

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10 Comments on "Spectacularly Cool and Ahead of its Time"

2 years 1 month ago

Actually, Johnny Drama’s Lincoln is a ’65. It has the vertical front parking lamps that were specific to that year only. If I recall correctly, it also has the wide whitewalls, although by ’65 that is incorrect. ’63 Lincolns and Thunderbirds had 1.3″ whitewalls (or so), and the ’64’s and later went to the more standard 1″ nominal width, although in 65 and 66 T-Birds could be ordered with a dual white-and-red stripe tire.

Neil Helfgot
2 years 1 month ago

Phil you are correct Johnny Drama had a 1965, I looked it up myself. My apologies for the confusion.

Tom Gillman
2 years 1 month ago

I think invoking President Kennedy’s name in association with this car auction is not even a stretch — it’s a sham and a poorly written one at that. Sell the damn car and get off the “Pass the Hanky” theme. You pay President Kennedy no respect with his inclusion nor do entice passer-bys to consider bidding. If I were the managing editor of this section, I’d ask the writer to re-submit his item description or simply reassign it to someone else. The car stays — it’s awesome

Larry Brewer
2 years 28 days ago

The headline is misleading. “Spectacularly Cool and Ahead of its Time” The car was and still is one of the most beautiful automotive products American made. But it wasn’t ahead of its time. 10, 20, 30 years later cars weren’t built to look like that. At the time it was built it had very no technological innovations that hadn’t already existed. No electronic ignition, catalytic converter, fuel injection, whatever. It had vacuum powered power windows. Hydraulic powered convertible top, and rear trunk lid. Yes it was cool and I’ve collected them, including a 62 convertible. But it wasn’t AHEAD of it’s time.. it defined it’s time.

pat fehr
2 years 28 days ago

It had vacuum door locks, electric windows

A Lee Wade
2 years 26 days ago

@brewer: You are incorrect. If you read any of the car reviews from mid-to-late 1960, when the car debuted as a 1961 model, you will learn the writers of the day considered the styling very much ahead of its time. They had minor complaints about how small it was, which seems laughable now, but compared to the 1958 to 1960 models, it really was. It really made the 1961 Cadillacs and Imperials look very dated. Probably the only time in Lincoln’s history. Given the current unfocused branding and boring personality, Ford could really use a 1961 today!

2 years 25 days ago

I have owned two of these stunning cars, a 63 and a 65 and both attended Goodwood Revival and the 65 a tour of the Loire Valley and Le Mans.

The original concept was a last ditch attempt to rescue Lincoln from becoming extinct and was actuall a re-hash of an existing Thunderbird mock up. The cool “Suicide” doors were niot driven by design but by engineering requirments, because the B post was not man enough to carry the huge door.

The design was flowed, in the convertible, because if you were to accommodate the 4 or 5 people the car was capable of carrying, there was nowhere to fit the luggae with the roof retracted, unless you all had soft bags and minimalist views on the number of clothes you needed to carry.

The design went awry after 1964 and became progressively heavy in appearence but the 61 to 64 cars were a joy to the eye of anyone with a sense of trues design. It may have been cobbled together as a last stand against the ignomy of becoming extinct but the result was simply stunning.

Running one of these in the UK is quite challenging, with our narrow roads and things call bends, which the car was never designed to negotiate – but the most annoying thing about owning these cars, in the UK, is the lack of appreciation, by the general public, of the iconic design and the contribution made, by American Car (Auto) manufactures to the motor industry worldwide. Where would the Austin 7 have been without the inspiration of Cadillac suspension? What would have powered the Range Rover if Rover had not acquired the Buick V8?

I digress!

The 61 to 64 Continental – Just beautiful.

Neil Helfgot
2 years 24 days ago

I’d like to thank everyone for their comments, both positive and negative in nature. I do read as many comments as are listed and I take them quite seriously, even the negative ones. Thank you again.
-Neil J. Helfgot