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Choppers are a form of folk art.

Last month, at last, the 912 was ready for its first drive in more than a quarter-century.

It was a drivable car that could be used without Fred or Barney having to run out of breath.


What Would Santa Drive? This 1963 Ford Ranchero?

The Ranchero’s six-foot long, four-and-a-half foot wide cargo bed provides plenty of room to haul goodies.

By Daniel Gray


Affordable Japanese Classic: 1974 Toyota Celica

It’s hard to think of an early Japanese car that caught American’s interest more than the Celica.

By Benjamin Hunting

The hobby doesn’t have an official name, but I call it automotive archaeology.

Attitude Autos in Oxfordshire, U.K., transformed a small boring hatchback into a full-size version of the Little Tikes Crazy Coupe.

Here is the “make or break” equipment that helps me turn out unique head-turning hot rods at Foose Design.

The iconic Carrera GTS is recreated with historical accuracy, and can handle today’s roads and tracks.

This is truly a great sports cars—perhaps one of the greatest of all time.

In this car, you can be either the quintessential treehugger or the ultimate hooligan.