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The King Midget Motor Company of Athens, Ohio was once the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in America.

How to deal with coffee stains, grease stains, interior odors, and other nuisances.

The Glen traces its roots to 1948. It continues to shine as one of the country's premier motorsports destinations.


The BMW 2002 and the Birth of the Ultimate Driving Machine

The two-door sedan almost single-handedly turned BMW into a household name in the United States.

By Ronan Glon


The Origins of the Splendid BMW M3

BMW didn’t know how the general public would react to a 3-Series on steroids.

By Ronan Glon

The Venom GT Spyder’s performance is in the stratosphere: 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds; and a theoretical top speed of more than 280 mph.

Here’s our round-up of favorite oddball eye-candy from Tokyo this year.

Pre-orders for the 3D-printed LM3D Swim are expected in spring 2016. The target MSRP is $53,000.

Despite a skyrocketing music career that afforded him any car he desired, Bridges kept the Legend, and maintained it.

Superchargers and turbochargers both force compressed air into the engine via a turbine. The difference is in the drive mechanism.

The project was born after the team pondered “the baddest street car” it could build in a real garage with basic tools.