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Renowned racer Cannon Ball Baker drove a Crosley from Los Angeles to New York, averaging 50 miles per gallon.

Tanner Foust sees his X-Game championships as the turning point in his career.

Mazda's transition mostly means sharp exterior styling and rich interior materials.


Collectible 1986 Mustang SVO Is Precursor to Ford’s EcoBoost

While the SVO sported half the cylinders of the GT model, its turbocharged four-cylinder motor competed with its V8-powered brethren.

By Bradley Iger


Rare First-Year Alfa Romeo Montreal Turns Up in Barn Find

There may only be two other original 1970 model-year restoration candidates on sale in the United States.

By Benjamin Hunting

Lincoln abandoned its hallmark twin waterfall front grille. But the big story is what lurks beneath the MKZ’s hood.

With the right tactics and products, you can transform that frigid garage into a livable workspace.

These tasks could make the difference between riding the trails or hauling the rig to the shop.

Some classic cars feel practically new when you’re behind the wheel. But not a VW Beetle.

A 3D rendering usually requires expensive AutoCAD software and years of training to produce. Not any more.

It's one of the first cars bearing the marque “Mercedes-Benz," and the oldest working taxi in Germany.