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These tools can make all the difference between getting stuck in the cold—and safely making it to your destination.

Automakers would stop at nothing to out-duel each on gravel roads, tarmac stages, and deep-woods forest trails.

There are countless ways to show off your team pride.


Forgotten 80s Classic: Mitsubishi Starion (Chrysler Conquest)

The upstart Japanese automaker was looking to attract American enthusiasts to its brand for the very first time.

By Benjamin Hunting


A 1983 Soviet Lada 2101 That Defected to the United States

To produce the Lada 2101, Russian engineers made more than 800 changes to the Fiat 124.

By Ronan Glon

Steering wheels can be beautiful works of art and a defining element of your car’s style.

The birth of the Corolla in 1966 flew below the radar of American gearheads.

Every car has a slightly different design, but the basic approach is the same.

The Mulsanne is assembled by hand in Crewe, England, a process that takes approximately 400 hours.

Your face feels like it’s being pulled sideways, and the effect is addictive.

An extensively modified Optima exploded in the film’s pivotal scene.