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Little swirls occur when tiny specks of abrasive dirt get accidentally ground into the paint.

American buyers found its performance utterly unsuitable for America’s high-speed interstates.

Lancia's racing history dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century.


Immaculate and Rare 1955 Kombi-Style VW Bus Available on eBay

This model has a vintage appearance, harkening back to when it was produced on January 19, 1955.

By Neil J. Helfgot


Smoking-Fast Primer-Black 1941 Gasser Listed on eBay

No leather. No AC. And no sissy paint job. But it will slam you back in your seat.

By Daniel Gray

Getting the right drone-free sound is not simply a matter of slapping on a muffler.

Nothing matches the visceral experience of being surrounded by sunshine and the wind in one’s hair.

For every purist who insists on period-correct parts, the rest of us just want to keep the vehicle on the road.

Check out the official rules for the eBay 10 Days of #MotorLife Contest.

The eBay Motors blog is dedicated to the MotorLife and to you, fellow gearhead.

An abundance of horsepower won’t do a driver much good if he can’t get that power to the ground.