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For those with motor oil in their blood, Memorial Day is the beginning of cruise-in season.

The rear-wheel drive Crossfire was based upon Mercedes R170 platform, which was developed for the company’s SLK320 roadster.

A 1919 Mack truck for sale on eBay illustrates the vehicle’s role in building the bulldog mystique.


The Best of Lambo’s 2+2 Breed: 1969 Lamborghini Islero S

Although the 400GT gets more attention, the Islero sports car that succeeded it is just as deserving of adoration. Maybe more so.

By Benjamin Hunting


Toyota 2000GT: The Million-Dollar Japanese Collectible

Is the 2000GT the most desirable and valuable Japanese automobile ever produced?

By Daniel Gray

The standard 918 Spyder is a rare bird. Examples fitted with the Weissach Package go even further.

You can save a lot of money, if the specific part is a good candidate for buying used.

Consider the Volvo V70 as a modern Scandinavian hot rod with a substantial horsepower-to-dollar ratio.

The museum displays 16,000 square feet of miniature marvels, including all varieties of modern mechanical machinery.

Ideally, you can establish a close working relationship.

These gifts are guaranteed to make the car enthusiast in your life very happy.