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Eight feet wide, and eight feet tall, the MXT outweighs a full-ton pickup by thousands of pounds.

The key is to match the type of brake pad material to your driving needs.

Vondracek maintains both a car registration and a boat registration for his 1963 Amphicar.


1958 Facel Vega Series 4: The Powerful Detroit-Powered French Coupe

The Facel Vega was the post-war response to French buyers wanting pulse-quickening acceleration with elegant body work.

By Benjamin Hunting


The Undeniable Appeal of a Red Corvette Stingray Convertible

By the mid-1960s, Chevrolet transformed the Corvette into a fire-breathing sports car monster.

By Bradley Iger

Dropped to millimeters above the ground, restrained luxury cruisers were transformed into Japanese lowriders.

Excellent trails, gorgeous locations, and cultural history are a winning combination.

The British coupe is an intriguing target for would-be collectors seeking an affordable entry point.

There’s an app for all things automotive, whether you’re looking for swap meets or tracking your car’s acceleration.

As long as muscle cars roam the Earth, the Pontiac marque will be among the world’s most desirable vintage iron.

The Ranchero’s six-foot long, four-and-a-half foot wide cargo bed provides plenty of room to haul goodies.