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It's arguably the most visually compelling Miata ever to roll out of a Mazda factory.

The list of nuanced custom modifications make it hard to see exactly what was done and to what degree.

Has your ride stopped blowing ice cubes?


Gorgeous 1962 Impala 409 Brings Beach Boys Classic to Life

Sing-along: She always turns in the fastest times, my four speed dual quad posi-traction 409.

By Daniel Gray


Go Granny Go: Joyce’s “Cherry Bomb” Hot Rod

It may not be Pasadena, but Joyce Johnson and her little red ’29 Ford Roadster bring the popular tune to life.

By Bob Kehoe

We were lucky enough to be among a group of journalists invited by Mazda to drive the new MX-5 race cars.

Enhancing the performance of a car’s suspension is an easy way to improve your ride’s handling.

The 1955 Chevrolet was a tough act to follow, but the 1956 Chevy kept the magic alive.

Nothing heats up tires like stuffing a honking V8 into an engine bay designed for a puny powerplant.

Any task can be a breeze, or a headache, depending on the tools at hand.

Buying someone else's spec racecar is more cost-effective than building one, but pre-built cars come with their own set of anxieties.