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The film's production brought to life the steam-punk technology utilized by Captain Nemo.

Modifying the shifter from stock is a great way to bring back speed, precision, and style.

It's time to plan your summer getaway. Consider one of these top off-road destinations.


1957 Chevy: The Ultimate Classic

When people think classic Chevy, the ’57 is it.

By Bruce Caldwell


Gorgeous 1962 Impala 409 Brings Beach Boys Classic to Life

Sing-along: She always turns in the fastest times, my four speed dual quad posi-traction 409.

By Daniel Gray

How crazy is crazy? “If the 13B engine gives out on me, I am considering a Toyota 1UZ engine swap," said Graham Feltham.

When Michaele Giles learned what car builders do, she became a hot rod apprentice.

There are plenty of used cars available in the $5,000 price range, assuming you're willing to invest some sweat equity.

This magnificent muscle car doesn’t just take restomod to the next level. It takes it to the moon—on biodiesel.

Every August, the world's most expensive supercars are shown off in Monterey, Calif. So what was I doing in an ancient Datsun econobox?

The acquisition of an old truck brought my appreciation of cars to a brand new level.