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Even the most ardent gearhead speed demon can succumb to the human urge to settle down and start a family. What to do?

It was Japan’s first mass-produced mid-engine car—a much-loved small affordable two-seat sports car with a cult-like following.

In the world of coach-built Italian coupes, the Lancia Flaminia GT remains obscure.


Long Live the Special-Order High-Performance COPO Camaro

Dealers had to use an ordering process typically reserved for fleets and make the request with secret production codes.

By Bradley Iger


The History Behind the 1961 Lancia Flavia Classic Coupe

Lancia's racing history dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

By Nina Russin

The van was created by famed designer Raymond Loewy, also known for the iconic Coca-Cola vending machine.

The car coming to US is not a modified, watered-down version of the Euro-spec hatch: it’s the real McCoy.

Mothballed aircraft were used to build some of the world's hairiest high-speed racers.

In 1975 and 1976, Cadillac gave customers the option to convert brand-new DeVilles into open-bed haulers.

Pre-war art cars and exotics still command top dollar, but other categories are affordable and on the rise.

We reached out to Randy Floyd, Shawnee’s General Manager, for some insight about what’s been working so well for their business.