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We searched for the most unusual gas pedals on eBay Motors. See what we found.

Mazda's ice event tested how competing models handle slippery conditions.

Turo, a car rental marketplace, provides a new way to earn extra cash to offset the cost of ownership.


No-Frills Datsuns Cast a Spell on Monterey Auto Aficionados

Every August, the world's most expensive supercars are shown off in Monterey, Calif. So what was I doing in an ancient Datsun econobox?

By Ben Hsu


1956 Chevys: Still Hot, 60 Years Later

The 1955 Chevrolet was a tough act to follow, but the 1956 Chevy kept the magic alive.

By Bruce Caldwell

Joseph King was awarded $1,000 to spend on eBay Motors, based on his father-and-son MotorLife photo.

With the removal of speed limits, there will be safety enhancements, like new guardrails, catch fences, and a restricted zone for...

No leather. No AC. And no sissy paint job. But it will slam you back in your seat.

Are your favorite moments in life spent working under the hood of your car, or cruising the open road?

The terms classic and iconic tend to be overused, but not when it comes to the 1955 Chevrolet.

With these simple tips, you can power-boost your search for specific eBay parts and accessories.