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Your face feels like it’s being pulled sideways, and the effect is addictive.

An extensively modified Optima exploded in the film’s pivotal scene.

A new set of pedals can add a lot of pizzazz to your ride.


Texas Couple Breathes New Life into Roadmaster ‘57

When Michaele Giles learned what car builders do, she became a hot rod apprentice.

By Gary Lieber


Minty-Fresh 1970 Chevelle SS Turbo-Diesel Hot Rod Runs on Biofuel

This magnificent muscle car doesn’t just take restomod to the next level. It takes it to the moon—on biodiesel.

By Daniel Gray

If you love cars, an automotive museum is the perfect destination for a late summer road trip.

The '58 Fury was the star of the 1983 horror movie “Christine." This one was brought back from the dead.

Since 2006, Smokey’s Dyno has been a full-service, high-performance shop serving luxury, exotic, and performance vehicles.

To those who know its underpinnings, the Ford Fairmount is one the stealthiest, smartest sleepers of the last 35 years.

McQueen mostly used the truck for camping trips.

This model has a vintage appearance, harkening back to when it was produced on January 19, 1955.