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“Sometimes I go through all the parts on eBay,” said McCloy. “I’ll find a little gem and build a whole entity around that one piece.”

Ford Mustang fans are always connected online, where they swap stories and help each other solve technical issues.

The concept has been a non-starter but we may yet enjoy swivel seats in our cars.


When a VW Bug Tries to Be a Pickup

A juxtaposition of styles makes this bug-p’up truly unique, from the Baja nose to the mushroom-cap rear window.

By Daniel Gray


Listed on eBay: The Ultimate 1990s Sleeper Super-Sedan, a Mercedes-Porsche Collaboration

In the early 1990s, Mercedes and Porsche co-produced the V-8 E500, which set a new standard for powerful luxury mid-size sedans.

By Philip Richter

What’s the best method for evaluating a car’s condition?

The Ford Restoration Parts program authorizes parts for vehicles ranging from a 1908 Model T to a 2005 F-150 pickup.

Kevin Marti secured exclusive access to 140 million data records for nearly a half-century’s worth of Ford vehicles.

The hood slopes down in front into a giant V flanked by chrome grilles. The idea was to celebrate American boldness.

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, Tesla Motors was an unknown Silicon Valley automotive start-up.

The key is moderation. Don’t make drastic changes to the car’s appearance.