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Jim Bede wanted planes to be affordable for the masses. He also made a jet-like car.

This Corona Mark II wagon was sitting for more than 30 years before a Toyota dealer purchased it from the original owner.

In 1955, Autobianchi started making Fiat 500s retrofitted with upscale features and sleeker lines.


An Extremely Rare M-Code Thunderbird for Sale on eBay

There are only about 40 surviving examples of the Thunderbird with an “M-Code” 390 V8, producing 340 horsepower.

By Bob Kehoe


Georgia Woman’s 50-Year Infatuation with Karman Ghia

“I don’t think I will ever sell my Ghia,” said Nicholson.

By Gary Lieber

To produce the Lada 2101, Russian engineers made more than 800 changes to the Fiat 124.

Regardless of the vehicle, performance tires will improve cornering and braking.

A car that’s originally equipped with a manual gearbox like this Superbee is a fantastic find.

Don’t let the anticipation of a road trip distract you from common-sense preparation.

Formula E’s willingness to experiment embodies the same pioneering spirit that drove the early days of racing.

Only about nine examples of turbine-powered cars exist from Chrysler's trial period, which ended in 1964.