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Every car has a slightly different design, but the basic approach is the same.

The Mulsanne is assembled by hand in Crewe, England, a process that takes approximately 400 hours.

Your face feels like it’s being pulled sideways, and the effect is addictive.


Indiana Was Once World Capital of Auto Innnovation

Front-wheel drive, the differential, pneumatic tires, hydraulic brakes, and the self-lubricating chassis all hail from Indiana.

By Nina Russin


How a BMW Engineer Turned Wrecked 3 Series into First Bimmer Wagon

For decades, BMW officials were vehemently against a station wagon. Enter Max Reisböck.

By Ronan Glon

Getting acclimated to running the banked oval section of a course is intimidating at first.

It's the fastest and least expensive way to dramatically change a car's exterior appearance.

Think of a car auction as a giant open-air museum full of classic cars, hot rods, and exotics.

It takes about three months to turn a bone-stock Defender into a Flying Huntsman.

Lamborghini has been strangely absent from the gas-electric hypercar game. That could soon change.

This gorgeous open-top spider was campaigned in a grueling race. Now, it commands an asking price of $1.6 million.