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The first thing you see is color. For a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the choices included Plum Purple, Go Mango, or Hemi Orange.

If the engine control module is a sealed unit, what can the mechanically-inclined car enthusiast do to boost horsepower?

We enjoyed every thrilling moment behind the wheel, from the second we fired up the Huracán’s 571-horsepower V10 engine.


Rare Surviving Coupe from OSI, the 1960s Italian Coach Builder

OSI is best known outside of Italy for the Ford 20M TS Coupe.

By eBay Motors


When Tail Lights Were Stylish, Or Sent the Wrong Signal

Back in the day, tail lights were often special designs intended to promote a model’s individual flair.

By Mark Bach

The XC90 shows how high-tech features can make all the difference among today's luxury SUVs.

The vehicles give an insight into the Earnhardts’ varied personal automotive tastes. Imagine owning one of them.

The old saying is: “There’s no replacement for displacement.” That idea has been turned on its head by modern engines.

What really sets Neoclassical cars apart is the kitchen-sink approach to design.

Even the most ardent gearhead speed demon can succumb to the human urge to settle down and start a family. What to do?

It was Japan’s first mass-produced mid-engine car—a much-loved small affordable two-seat sports car with a cult-like following.