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“People tell me this is the car that GM should have made in the first place,” said the owner.

“This bike is not just for show,” said Brian Janes. “About a month after the build, two friends and I took a road trip.”

A juxtaposition of styles makes this bug-p’up truly unique, from the Baja nose to the mushroom-cap rear window.


This Topless Grand Cherokee Starred in a Tommy Hilfiger Ad

Convertible SUVs are not a new thing, but this open-air 1986 Grand Wagoneer is a different story.

By Benjamin Hunting


The Mystery of Right-Hand-Drive American Cars, Like This ‘48 Lincoln Continental

How do you explain the right-hand-drive 1948 Lincoln Continental that was recently sold on eBay?

By Mark Bach

Only six were ever built. One of them is now being offered on eBay Motors.

A lucky motorcycle enthusiast will have the chance to own one of the Hypermotards used in the movie’s production.

Bonds didn’t come with a traditional reverse gear.

Automotive history should make room for Itzhak Shubinsky, managing director of Autocars, regarded as Israel’s first carmaker.

The Club Coupe survivor would be interesting find, even without a celebrity pedigree or signed guitar that accompanies the sale.

Volvo Duetts are handsome cars, often with lovely two-tone paint.