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No one would expect a modern powerplant unless they get a glance at its massive intercooler peeking out from under the front bumper.

Step-by-step guidance for getting the best touchup results.

The list of tech innovations includes carbon fiber, GPS-based data-tracking, and Aerogel insulation developed by NASA.


Sports Car Maker TVR Set For Revival In 2017

It’s been almost a decade since a new vehicle has rolled out of a TVR factory. That will soon change.

By Bradley Iger


Classic Jeep Wagoneer Is Still a Favorite Among High Society

The Wagoneer somehow transcended the mud-bogging scene to carve out a niche among social climbers.

By Benjamin Hunting

With racing in his blood, Winkles wasn’t ready for traditional retirement after leaving Chrysler.

The quest for the best ways to get a job done can go in unusual directions.

BMW didn’t know how the general public would react to a 3-Series on steroids.

The Leaf and Volt continue to serve as the gold standard for electric vehicles under $40,000.

The 2017 Continental sedan was revealed at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week.

Unlike the Chevelles and Barracudas of the day, AMC threw its most potent hardware in a compact two-seater.