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The car is currently registered to Jesse James of West Coast Choppers fame.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Centenario is its bold bodywork.

Traveling with a RV is the best way to be in nature but still have creature comforts.


1969 Dodge Superbee Project Is Buzzing with Potential

A car that’s originally equipped with a manual gearbox like this Superbee is a fantastic find.

By Bradley Iger


The Chrysler Engine Powering an Elusive Turbine Car

Only about nine examples of turbine-powered cars exist from Chrysler's trial period, which ended in 1964.

By Benjamin Hunting

It's arguably the most visually compelling Miata ever to roll out of a Mazda factory.

The list of nuanced custom modifications make it hard to see exactly what was done and to what degree.

Has your ride stopped blowing ice cubes?

The most intriguing models on display were not what you would expect at a major auto show.

In the basement, you’ll discover a pair of radical three-wheeled vehicle prototypes from American start-ups.

Dewitt created a wild custom three-door truck with otherwise mostly stock looks.