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While all spark plugs generally have the same parts, the devil is in the details.

The Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo was the first compact hatchback to bring the fruits of rally racing directly to customers.

Clay bars were first used at paint shops to help remove overspray. Then, detailers discovered how useful they can be.


The Fiat 126: An Alternative to the Classic Cinquecento

The 126 is becoming the go-to model for enthusiasts on a budget seeking a small rear-engined Fiat.

By Ronan Glon


1959 AC Bristol Is Your Cobra Replica’s Granddaddy

You can go out and buy replica Cobras all day long—but you won't find a single replica AC Bristol anywhere.

By Benjamin Hunting

LEDS don't just look cool. They also run cooler, illuminate faster, draw less electricity, and have longer life.

Personalize your car with badges, wraps and bumper stickers—which are in abundant supply by at eBay Motors.

With a sharply-raked windshield, V-nosed grille and sloping fender line, the Zephyr slips through the air.

The Mercury Turnpike Cruiser featured a retractable rear window for “breeze-way ventilation.”

Two types of units—Roots and centrifugal—enhance performance in slightly different ways.

These extraordinary cars come up for sale once in a blue moon.