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It's the fastest and least expensive way to dramatically change a car's exterior appearance.

Think of a car auction as a giant open-air museum full of classic cars, hot rods, and exotics.

It takes about three months to turn a bone-stock Defender into a Flying Huntsman.


Smoking-Fast Primer-Black 1941 Gasser Listed on eBay

No leather. No AC. And no sissy paint job. But it will slam you back in your seat.

By Daniel Gray


Why the ’55 Chevy Is an Icon

The terms classic and iconic tend to be overused, but not when it comes to the 1955 Chevrolet.

By Bruce Caldwell

A new museum in Oregon is home to an eclectic mix of historic race cars, motorcycles, and muscle cars.

Pro Street typically refers to highly modified custom cars equipped with a supercharged or turbo engine.

When it comes to newer vehicles versus classics, I really miss many of the older features, especially the simplicity.

Unfortunately, popular classics come with prices befitting their legendary status. Don’t be discouraged.

Jack and Mary Holdorf of Hillsboro, Ore. still own the car they drove on their honeymoon trip in 1967.

It’s a balmy June day, and I’m wading through a swamp in the woods at Fiat-Chrysler’s proving grounds in Chelsea, Mich.