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Here’s how I tackled the clean-up of my 2007 Honda S2000, which had been tucked away all winter.

Following its luxury performance competitors, Maserati has succumbed to the reality that crossover SUVs are very popular.

Choppers are a form of folk art.


Affordable Dream Car: 1976 – 1985 Ferrari 400/400i

Sedate styling that closely linked the coupe to its 1970s heyday kept it out of collectors circles.

By Benjamin Hunting


eBay Listing: The Rare Speedy Renault 5 Turbo

The 5 Turbo was developed as a range-topping halo model from the get-go.

By Ronan Glon

An extensively modified Optima exploded in the film’s pivotal scene.

A new set of pedals can add a lot of pizzazz to your ride.

We searched for the most unusual gas pedals on eBay Motors. See what we found.

Mazda's ice event tested how competing models handle slippery conditions.

Turo, a car rental marketplace, provides a new way to earn extra cash to offset the cost of ownership.

By the mid-1960s, Chevrolet transformed the Corvette into a fire-breathing sports car monster.