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In 1934, Hupp hired Raymond Loewy, the legendary designer, to pen what it called the Aerodynamic Series.

The term “flashing,” refers to a kind of reboot of your car’s computer settings—either to fix a bug or boost performance.

A San Diego car enthusiast takes a small car known for its ugly appearance, and makes it beautiful.


The Pennsylvania-Built Classic Cartoon Car Waiting to Be Discovered

American Bantam is a rare and under-appreciated car.

By Daniel Gray


How to Satisfy Your Craving For a V12, Even on a Budget

Owning a V12 might not not be as difficult as you think.

By Bradley Iger

If the engine control module is a sealed unit, what can the mechanically-inclined car enthusiast do to boost horsepower?

We enjoyed every thrilling moment behind the wheel, from the second we fired up the Huracán’s 571-horsepower V10 engine.

Tires can be the most direct way to modify the performance of your car. What should you know?

Here's a look at some of the standard, and more creative, ways car companies have mounted spares in the past. The rest is up to you.

OSI is best known outside of Italy for the Ford 20M TS Coupe.

The idea of actually owning a top-notch race team would be pure fantasy, right? Well, maybe not.