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The Citation sold in huge numbers on its initial launch—800,000 in the first year alone. But where are they now?

The BMW 335i owned by the fastest man in the world was tweaked with the M performance kit for maximum horsepower.

The old saying is: “There’s no replacement for displacement.” That idea has been turned on its head by modern engines.


Zimmer Golden Spirit: The Pinnacle of Unrestrained Neoclassical Style

What really sets Neoclassical cars apart is the kitchen-sink approach to design.

By Bradley Berman


The Ongoing Search for a Family-Hauler with Muscle

Even the most ardent gearhead speed demon can succumb to the human urge to settle down and start a family. What to do?

By Bradley Berman

What would a Skyline GTR look like in truck form, straight from the Nissan race factory?

The four-door NX combines practical utility with smooth riding luxury in a right-sized platform.

In 1961, Mini started building the “Super” version, with stylistic flourishes like duo-tone paint work and a fancier interior.

The power was impressive—building all the way to a screaming 8,250 rpm redline. This is the Mustang model we covet.

The P1800 smashes the staid reputation that Volvo built with sensible, safety-oriented sedans and wagons.

The new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider will be the most affordable drop top in America.