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New Urban SUV Concept From Honda Unveiled at 2013 NAIAS

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Most concept vehicles make their world debuts years ahead of any potential release date, but Honda’s taking a slightly different approach at this year’s North American International Auto Show. The Urban SUV Concept unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show is slated for release in Japan before year’s end, and will land in American dealerships sometime in 2014. This is an unusual rollout for what will be an unusual Honda. Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

Honda Urban SUV Concept: Developed on the platform of the well-received and popular Fit, the Urban Concept SUV seems to be made to target younger consumers as a challenger to the unlikely cult hit Juke from Nissan. The SUV that will emerge from this concept will utilize Honda’s Earth Dreams fuel efficiency technology, along with multiple packages to appeal to a diverse segment of buyers. The same Magic Seat layout that makes Honda’s Fit one of the biggest little cars on the planet is said to be going into the road version of the Urban SUV Concept.

It’s clear that the success of the Juke is creating a new market for slightly odd, sporty small SUVs; by the time Honda’s version hits roads in the U.S., Fiat will also be in the game with the 500x. Where Honda may have an edge is the fact that the Urban SUV Concept’s styling isn’t as polarizing as the Juke, while being more interesting than the Fiat. Also, Honda’s reputation for quality small cars may make it a first-look for American consumers.

It looks like we’re going to have to wait for specs and pricing details on the road-going version of Honda’s Urban SUV Concept, but Honda has stated its aim for it to cost less than their CR-V. Watch this space: interesting things are coming.

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