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Make Your Slow Car Fast [video]

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Mighty Car Mods DIY: Make Your Slow Car Fast

Marty and Moog at Mighty Car Mods are at it again in this video that’s all about making the most of what you’ve got, if what you’ve got is a good amount of time to turn some wrenches and a couple of donor cars providing parts.

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods, Marty has bought himself a Daihatsu to have some fun in, but finds himself in a jam when its engine blows up. Rather than give up on the little project car the MCM crew show us how to make lemonade from this little lemon, dubbed “The Blue Turd” by Moog. The Daihatsu becomes a great example of how, with some know-how and a couple friends to help out, any slow or ‘broken down’ car can be reborn.

There are snags along the way, including having to cut a dashboard to replace the original one in Marty’s car, but perseverance pays off as we see Marty take “The Blue Turd” to the track to see what effect the horsepower boost has on the little car (“…it’s actually got too much power”, says Marty). Also, Moog dispenses some questionable archaeology that will have you second-guessing eating or drinking anything ever again.

After watching this episode of Mighty Car Mods here, head over to the MCM forum to jump in on the discussion of the Daihatsu engine swap. Let Marty, Moog, and the gang show you how any car can not only be saved, but made to tear up the road in ways it never could before.

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