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How to Install an iPad in Your Car [video]

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Mighty Car Mods DIY: How to Install an iPad in Your Car

The popularity of the iPad and now the iPad Mini seems to be growing by the day. In a short period of time, the iPad has become a standard-bearer, much like the iPod and iPhone before it. This popularity has led automakers to start working on ways to integrate tablets into the instrument panels of their cars. Marty and Moog at Mighty Car Mods are here to show you how to ditch that old AM/FM and CD player right now and start using an iPad as your ride’s entertainment center and a lot more.

With just a bit of soldering and some easy-to-find parts (on eBay of course), the guys demonstrate how to install an iPad to replace the archaic and uninspiring head unit in the Subaru Outback of Marty’s mom. Once installed, the iPad can not only be used as the cars’ stereo, but can be used for turn-by-turn navigation or to find the best restaurant nearby, thanks to the thousands upon thousands of apps available for nearly every purpose. Not only that, but a little bit of extra work during the installation can make your car a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing your passengers to access the internet on their phones using a secure, fast network while on the go.

After you watch the penultimate episode of Mighty Car Mods season four, find an iPad on eBay to install in your own car and check out the talk over at the MCM forum about this episode for other drivers’ experiences, tips, and tricks for getting this mod done.

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