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Hart and Huntington Round 8 Highlights [VIDEO]

Events, Motorsports  /   /  By Derek Mau

Josh Merrell’s truck has its tranny repaired and ready for Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Race Series. Conditions were hot, windy, and dusty at Miller Motorsports Park, but the team persevered despite the “Desert Gulch” conditions and Josh came back with a vengeance.

Watch the video highlights from the race after the jump.

The #22 MAVTV PRO-4 of Josh Merrell seemed off the pace at the start of the weekend and that became evident eight laps into the Round 7 race. A failed gear box forced an early withdraw for Merrell. “Whenever you get pushed to the sidelines, it gets very frustrating. The crew works extremely hard to get the truck prepared and race ready. I know I can run with these fast guys but it seems like there is always something taking us out. We could of had a possible podium in Round 7 and then to miss out on Sunday’s Qualifying Session was a huge hit.

Missing Sunday’s qualifying session put Merrell’s No.22 MAVTV Truck at the very back of the starting order for Round 8.

“For Round 8, I knew I would be starting in the very back and I was going to have to be very steady to make it to the front.” according to Merrell. The never give up / never give in attitude that Premiere Motorsports Group puts forth must have inspired Josh as he started from the last row and drove forward for twenty laps taking a well earned 5th place finish.

Robert “Fig” Naughton, PMG Driver of the #54 PRO-2 was digging deep to catch a solid top three finish for the Hart and Huntington Off Road Team in Utah. Robert was able to put up a better than average run to claim a solid 4th place finish in Round 7, but during the second lap of Round 8, the #54 Truck got out of shape on the front stretch and spun out into the wall putting him at the end of the pack. Naughton would go on to recover eight lost positions and potentially chasing down more, however the engine seemed to have lost power and finished in 7th.

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