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Happy Holidays from eBay Motors

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eBay Motors wouldn’t be what it is without our wider community. All of you, from sellers to buyers, to those commenting on our blog and in our forums, to the fans that come to see us at racetracks all over the United States, make eBay Motors the place to go for all things automotive. We’d like to take a quick second this holiday season to thank you and wish you all the best.

With the headlines we’ve all had to deal with this year, our priorities are focused more strongly than they might otherwise be on our loved ones and the good fortune to merely have them near. This is as it should be. Our hobbies, whatever they may be, all seem trivial in the face of recent events. That isn’t to say they don’t matter: your (and our) love for motors of all kinds gives us a focus for our energies; a welcome distraction; goals to achieve, and enjoyment in the face of whatever ills visit our lives.

Whether you’ve found the ride of your dreams on eBay Motors or simply a part or two (or three) to keep your ability to go to-and-from work each day, as a member of the eBay Motors community you come here to share in the common bond of gearheadery. That common bond, be it for cars, trucks, motorcycles or any other ride, is what brings us together. In the end, what makes the world better than that kind of commonality?

So from our family to yours, across the spectrum of celebration and of automotive preference, we at eBay Motors wish nothing but the best for you and yours during this holiday season. May we all find the perfect ride and the perfect stretch of road (or off-road) during 2013.

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