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Gearing Up for Round 6 of the Formula Drift Championship

Motorsports  /   /  By Tony Brakohiapa  /  By Tony Brakohiapa

“Lady Luck” and I meet again!

Round 6 of the Formula Drift Championship starts tomorrow and it’s been an exciting couple weeks getting here. From a great “1st annual” eBay employee car show (where all of the eBay sponsored drivers came together), to getting married last weekend,(with my eBay Mustang parked in the background, no less!) to now preparing for FD Vegas. It’s been no rest for the wicked!

I was glad to be a part of the employee car show at the eBay headquarters in San Jose, CA. Myself and the other eBay sponsored drivers (Justin Bell, David Binks, Carey Hart) all had our race cars/trucks on display. It was great to get some face time with the employees of eBay and share the excitement of eBays’ involvement in motorsports. I’m friends with Justin Bell as I’ve known him for a couple years now, but David and Carey were my first encounters. Super cool guys that are big motorheads and talented drivers! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted “a go” in that Pro 4 truck or RallyCross Fiesta!

The car show was only days before my big day at the alter! Wedding plans are always more work then you think. My girlfriend…(errr…now wife!), wanted the Mustang in the wedding. I knew I was marrying her for a reason! So, I set up the eBay Mustang in the background of our wedding reception. Took some pics with me and the bride next to the car and even fired it up to give my guests some different music then what the DJ’s were playing. Now that I think of it, I should have had my GoPro’s goin’ during the wedding.

Now that the wedding is over and life is back to normal, I am in LA with the team prepping the car for Vegas. We are doing the usual “nut and bolt” on the car as well as check on the blower belt alignment. I have always liked the Vegas event as I’ve had a top four result there in the recent past. The event is at Las Vegas Motorspeedway and takes place late at night due to the day time heat. We usually don’t get off track until Midnight. Formula Drift has changed the layout this year. The past few years have had very fast entry speeds and provided some exciting tandems. This new layout looks to be a bit slower, but a bit more technical, so it should provide some close tandem action.

We’ll pull into Vegas Thursday night for practice and then settle in for Friday and Saturday’s action. Be sure to jump onto and watch live stream. Feel free to send me any questions you have about the car, drifting, etc. guys! I’ll be doing a race report after the event. Wish me luck!

…Tony B.

Follow Tony on Twitter and his live socialcast page for real-time updates:
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