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Financing from Now Available on eBay Motors

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There’s an exciting new addition to the eBay Motors experience! You, our buyers, can now get quick financing information through right from the vehicle listing page here on eBay Motors!

Whether you are looking for the must-have new, pre-owned, or used vehicle here on eBay Motors, you can now easily submit an application for a loan, with the ability to adjust the loan details based on length of the loan term and other factors. Once submitted, you will receive an approval notice for the loan application in less than a minute. Access to financing options from gives you greater flexibility and more options than ever when purchasing a vehicle on eBay Motors.

The financing options can be easily accessed via the “Get Low Monthly Payments” link on vehicle listing pages.

Here at eBay Motors we know you love driving, but we know you love driving more when you have the vehicle you want and we think this addition should help make this possible for you!

If you have had experience using, let us know how well this has worked for you in the comments section below.

RoadLoans Screen Shot EXAMPLE ONLY

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4 Comments on "Financing from Now Available on eBay Motors"

Ronald Elliott
3 years 10 months ago

I like to see about refinancing my 2004 dodge ram 3500 if you can help please let me know it should be around 13,000 to refinance.

Chris Dombkowski
3 years 8 months ago

Nice that you link the roadloans option to classic car sales but that they cannot be used on cars older than 2001….whats even better…the fact that you dont find this out till AFTER you win the car…Thanks for that

2 years 2 months ago

Roadloans does not offer financing on the vehicle you are bidding on. Roadloans takes a $1000-$2500 chunk out of the dealers front end and tries to steer the potential buyer away from your listed vehicle. PLEASE STOP PLACING THESE LINKS ON MY PAID LISTINGS!

1 year 8 months ago

This Roadloans feature is misleading. Buyers are told to get financing before they commit to buying the car. I did this and the company approved a loan. Roadloans sent a voucher and told me to forward it to the dealer. I did this as well. Then the dealer told me Roadloans was charging him a $1000 transaction fee on his end over and above the loan. I called Roadloans and they confirmed this. So, the whole thing was an aggravating waste of time. Ebay motors should not be encouraging customers (which they are) to go to that lender.