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Fast and Furious 6: 1978 Ford Escort Mark I

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Brian O’Conner: “You know, I want another shot.”
Dominic Toretto: “Yeah?”
Brian O’Conner: “Yeah. No wagers. Nobody else. Just you and me, once and for all.”
Dominic Toretto: “Ha. You sure you can handle the disappointment?”
Brian O’Conner: “Are you?”
Dominic Toretto: “All right, O’Conner. Let’s see what you got…”
Fast 5

Brian O’Conner is born and raised in Barstow, California. Growing up under a violent and drunk father, Brian came to resent his father. He was taught by his mother how to drive, consequently causing a four car pileup on his first driving lesson. During his teen years Brian worked by stealing or boosting cars and selling them to chop shops. He was arrested and spent 2 years in juvie, where he met Roman Pierce, who became his best friend.

In the first film, The Fast and the Furious, Brian is working as an undercover detective with the LAPD, who assigns him the task of solving a series of semi-trailer truck hijackings by street racers. While investigating the street race scene, he meets Dominic “Dom” Toretto and infiltrates his crew while getting involved in a relationship with Dominic’s sister, Mia Toretto. He allows Dom to escape arrest at the end of the first film and leaves Los Angeles after to avoid his own arrest.

1978 Ford Escort Mark I driven by Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker)


  • Pinto 998 OHC
  • Lightened, & Balanced Crank, & Flywheel Assembly
  • Ported Cylinder Head
  • Heavy Duty Cam Follower Retaining Springs
  • Vernier Cam Pulley
  • Twin Weber 48’s
  • High Pressure High Capacity Oil Pump, Oil Cooler, & Alloy Sump


  • Competition Single Plate Clutch, Cable Operated
  • Five Speed Standard Box
  • Rose-Jointed Quickshift
  • Single Piece Propshaft
  • English Axle With Quaife Slipper Unit 4.4 Drive Ratio


  • Fronts/ Vented Discs, Split, & Widened m16 Calipers
  • Rear/ XR3i Vented Discs
  • Bias Pedal Box With Dash Adjuster, Hydraulic Handbrake


  • Bilstein Front Struts With Tarmac Inserts
  • 1-inch Front Springs, Anti-Roll Bar With Double Width Mounts, Anti-Dive Kit
  • Rear Turreted Bilstein Shocks
  • Single Leaf 146 lb. Springs


  • 14 pt Rollcage (bolt-in)


  • Lift-Off Fiberglass Hood, & Trunk
  • Kevlar Doors, & Perspex Side Windows


  • Weller 8 Spoke 8×13

tank scene anvil mustang ford escort mark 1 | Fast

Brian O'Conner | Fast and Furious 6

paul walker justin lin | fast and furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 charges ahead into theaters nationwide May 24 and is sure to bring viewers on an action packed joy ride.

The sixth installment of the franchise, directed by Justin Lin, offers high velocity and the twists and turns that have kept fans on the edge of their seats with the first five. Dom brings the crew together for one last job, after Luke Hobbs reveals his ex-girlfriend Letty is still alive. However, she is now working for the enemy crew. Dom helps Luke bring Letty and her team to justice.

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