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Exclusive Interview, Henrik Fisker [video]

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eBay Motors recently had an opportunity to interview Henrik Fisker, Chairman of Fisker Automotive, at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show. Fisker’s Karma has drawn attention from motorists the world over thanks to its hybrid powertrain and striking, modern design. Our brief conversation with Henrik Fisker revealed some interesting tidbits about where this interesting young auto builder is and where it’s going.

As of now, Fisker’s Karma has been on sale for about a year and around 2,000 customers have taken delivery. With an electric motor supported by a small traditional gas engine, the Karma is built to satisfy all regular commute ranges and more. Fisker notes that, having kept in touch with some of the Karma’s first buyers, the average fuel economy return is equivalent to 150 miles per gallon. All of this comes in the clothing of a luxury sedan producing 400 horsepower.

Fisker has positioned themselves as the only “environmentally-friendly lifestyle” car company in the world, with a focus on efficient vehicles and sustainability in all aspects of its operation. The Karma has the largest solar panel on an automobile on its roof, and reclaimed wood is used throughout its stylish interior. Fisker’s dealerships even get in on the act, with large solar panels helping power their forty U.S. dealerships and others worldwide, including one in Dubai where the Karma is apparently doing well.

Asked about future products, Henrik Fisker mentioned the Atlantic, a concept that debuted earlier this year and slated to enter the market as a less-expensive alternative to the $100,000-plus Karma. Fisker is planning on opening a Delaware factory focusing on production of the Atlantic when the time comes, but for now is dedicated to the Karma. We’d like to thank the team at Fisker Automotive, especially Henrik Fisker himself, for taking the time to grant us this interview.

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